Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is my proposed layout plan. The room is 8.3 metres by 8.5 metres. The minimum radius is 1000mm. It is a layout designed for operation but with the ability to have a continuous run. I tried to achieve all of that without a duck under but couldn't do it. The duck under at Coolamine will be 1500mm high so shouldn't be an issue. I would be happy to receive any comments and constructive criticism

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  1. Hi, Murray. Just came across this great blog of yours. May I make a small suggestion: Instead of the duckunder, why don't you consider a gate, with the hinge placed at the corner of the Coolamine section. I have used gates in the past and they work great. People don't really like 'ducking under', especially as they get older...and I don't get why they aren't used more often. Of course they don't work in every situation, but in this case it would. Cheers, Walter.