Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operations on the North Coast Line

A Mason Bogie arriving at Cascades
Last weekend I was visiting Melbourne and was lucky enough to receive an invitation to partake in the monthly operating session of the North Coast Railroad. The NCR is owned by Gavin Hince who also publishes the magazine Narrow Gauge Downunder. The NCR is an On3 layout based on the North Pacific Coast Railroad that ran north of San Francisco. The layout is complete but every time I visit Gavin has made some changes.

John Dennis was the yard master at Lands End

Laurie Green Shunting Mill Valley

Chris Dennis making a meet at Mill Valley

Gavin Hince busy at the dispatchers desk

A timber train coming down from Angels Camp

Grant McAdam & Dan Pickard running the timber line

It was a fun night and shows the value of designing a layout for operation. The evening ran smoothly and a days trains ran the line with hardly a mishap except for one little one.......
The yardmaster shunting a bit too far....

If nothing else an operating session is a good excuse to get together, Thanks Gavin for a great night.

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