Sunday, October 23, 2011

Handlaid flex track

I have always loved the look of handlaid track, but never had the time or patience to lay my own. While surfing the web I discovered Custom Trax who make handlaid flex track and points on real wood ties. I placed an order and when it finally arrived from USA I was pretty impressed.

As you can see it comes pre-ballasted with woodland scenics ballast so it is very easy to match. The base is a high density rubber. Steve Miller the owner of Custom Trax recommends gluing the track to the roadbed with caulk.

  I only have two very minor complaints. The ends of the ties are unstained but that will be easily fixed with a dab of alcohol/ink wash. My other issue is that it takes 4-5 weeks from the time your order is placed until it is shipped so you need to plan ahead.These very minor issues are a small price to pay for track that looks & performs great.

The points have added detail and are DCC ready. I am so pleased with Custom Trax that I will use it for all my visible track on the Bogong & Geehi Railway.


  1. G'day Murray,
    Thats a pretty interesting looking flex track. When you've had some time to lay a few more sections, I'd certainly be interested to hear some feedback on how well it performs. I'm guessing the rubbery base could have good sound dampening properties. Also keen to hear how it goes as far as laying, cutting and joining etc. The price is pretty reasonable too, considering what it is you are paying for.

    Do tell some more when able.


  2. Hi Dan,
    what track I have laid has been preforming pretty well. It is easy to curve and join. I cut a slice out of the sleeper under the rail joiner to get a smooth join. To cut the fkextrack I use a Xuron rail cutter and a stanley knife. The only nuisance is cutting very short pieces. I think it has good noise properties but that could also be the splines helping or the fact I have spent too many years driving tractors and am a bit deaf!

    I think the price is very fair and for someone like myself who is time poor it is a great option.