Monday, July 27, 2015

Increasing productivity

I know this blog post's title sounds like the name of a conference where some  management guru is extolling a method of making us all work harder. I also know that my model railway is a hobby but I  know that I need a degree of discipline if I plan to get the layout somewhere near finished.

It was a conversation with my friend Gavin that got me thinking about how I could get more modelling done. Life seems to be getting busier and I have been finding it harder to juggle working on my trains while not taking away from family time. At this time of year it isn't that attractive to wander out to the shed either and so it feels like not much gets done.

Enter the roll top desk....

I was able to pick up this beautiful antique roll top desk off eBay. They are a bit out of fashion at the moment because you can't fit a large computer screen on one, which means I didn't have to spend a large sum of money. We have put it in our tv room which means I can model and still be with the family. I am finding that because it is there, I often sit down and spend 10 minutes modelling. No more bringing a project onto the kitchen table and then having to pack up when dinner is ready. I have built more models in the last 6 weeks it seems than the 6 months beforehand.
The best bit is when I finish modelling, it looks like this,



  1. Terrific idea and it's nice to see an old roll-top desk repurposed. It would be a shame if they all disappeared.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  2. You are spot on, Murray - I picked up a beautiful Teak roll top desk about a year ago for $40 (!), because somebody had to get rid of it, lol. Before, there was always a big mess on a small card table in the train room(unused dining room). I used to throw a blanket over it. Now, there is still a big mess - but I just shut it away! Best regards, Walter.

  3. Am thinking with two new very inquisitive rat bag of kittens( a lion and a tiger really ) now marauding through the house one of these may prove the ideal investment. I'd also sleep at nights !!