Saturday, August 24, 2019

August update

I know it has been awhile since I have posted an update on the blog, but progress is continuing on the layout. The farm scene is coming closer to completion. I have added more garden to the house and it is now fenced. I still need to add the gates to keep the livestock from wandering in. I am happy with how the garden has come together

A large amount of time was taken up by scratch building a garage based on one that existed in a local town when I was a kid. I hand carved the brickwork which was far more time consuming than I expected. The figures are 3d printed by Modelu and I find them to be very realistic and take scale figures to a new level. 

The garage will be in the village of Buckland, which is slowly coming together.

Buckland is also the first place on the layout to receive working signals. These were put together for me by Bernard Snoodyk and will add a lot to operations.

Elsewhere on the layout vegetation continues to sprout as the forests slowly cover the hills

For those of you who are on Facebook the layout now has it's own page which I do update a little more often than this blog.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

It's been awhile...

While it has been quite some time since I have posted on the blog, things are still happening on the BGR.

Just at the moment life seems to be getting in the way of modelling, and there is even less time for blogging, but I am slowly getting a bit done on the layout. The peninsula that you first see when visitors walk into the shed is slowly growing some vegetation I haven't been 100% happy with the blending of the shrubs and grass. I have been trialing better ways to do long grass and when I'm happy I will cover the rest of the hill.

The front gate of the farm has been installed, and the garden around the house is slowly filling in. I need to make a mailbox and farm sign to finish the scene.

Hopefully the next update will be more timely than this one!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Installing the farmhouse

I have started to install the farmhouse on the layout. I still have lots to do but I am very happy with how it fits into the landscape

 I have added a brick outhouse that is a kit from Rich White models

Just need to finish the garden, make the front gate and the farm area of the layout will be close to complete

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Buckland store

There is a new business opened in the village of Buckland. Hunter & Green is the place all self respecting inhabitants of Buckland & surrounds come to for their grocery & hardware needs.

The store is a kit from Chooch enterprises that I bought second hand off the internet. I modified it to look more Australian by building a new store front with a tiled frontage & a verandah. The business is named after two friends, Laurie Green & John Hunter who together own Outback Models. I still have to add an interior and more external details before it is permanently installed on the layout.

Despite the lack of posts the layout is still progressing. I have been tweaking track to try & minimize the number of derailments. I have also been wiring and installing switch machines as well as putting some rolling stock kits together.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Narrow Gauge convention part two

Every narrow gauge convention I go to, I try and build something for the contest room. I have a couple of reasons for doing this.The first reason being that their is nothing like a deadline to get a project finished. I often find that when I am building a model and I hit an issue, progress can stall.If I have a deadline the model will get finished and I have built quite a few of the major structures on the layout to take to conventions.

The second reason why I like contests is that it encourages me to strive to build a higher quality model and improve both my skills and my standards of modelling. For me the competition is against myself. Can I build a nicer, neater, more detailed and more realistic model than last time. Competitions are also good to compare at what level my modelling is at, something that can be difficult when I am mostly a "lone wolf" modeller.

This year I wanted to build a farm house to finish my model farm and the long valley scene. I had many options on what the house could be, but I decided I wanted to build an Edwardian weatherboard house that was similar to the original house on the farm that we live on. I took inspiration from a number of other farmhouses. The colour scheme came from the house I grew up in.  The laundry and dairy on the back was inspired by my grandparents house. The  wisteria came from my own house

The building is fully scratchbuilt, with board on board construction. I used Mt Albert 12"x 1" S scale wood for the weatherboards which works out at 9"x 3/4" in O scale. Doors and windows came from Grandt Line and I fitted them with real glass. The corrugated iron is from Model O kits and it is all weathered with oil washes from AK interactive.

I added a detail interior in the kitchen, lounge room and the main bedroom. Furniture is mostly laser cut kits from Outback modelsSDK miniatures and Karen Cary miniatures who all provide terrific service. Lighting is from some warm white LED's.

When I entered my model in the structures competition I was not expecting a prize. The quality of the modelling was excellent so I was both honored and surprised to receive second place. I am yet to install the house on the layout as it is currently on display in our living room.

Part of what makes conventions great, are the clinics. This year I gave a clinic on static grass.
Myself in full flight! Photo by Dan Pickard

I hope those who attended enjoyed the clinic as I enjoyed being able to give a little bit back to our great hobby.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Australian Narrow Gauge convention

Apologies for not updating the blog lately. Life seems to keep getting in the way of modelling and not that much exciting has been happening on the layout worth making an update. I will post an update on the layout in a blog post soon but today's post is about the Australian narrow gauge convention held over the Easter weekend in Geelong.

I always enjoy the narrow gauge conventions as a great oppurtunity to catch up with the many friends I have made in the hobby. There is always plenty of temptations to spend your money on, and the competition room is always full of beautiful models that show the incredible quality of modelling here in Australia.

The committee ably led by Dan Pickard (his blog is somewhere on the work bench) put together a fantastic weekend. They are to be congratulated for putting together a wonderful weekend.

Another highlight of the weekend was the awarding of the Rick Richardson award in recognition of making an outstanding contribution to the cause of narrow gauge in Australia to a very deserving Laurie Green (

On to some photos. I have a new camera that I am still learning to drive so the quality of some of the photos is not as good as I would like but I will still include them as I would like you to see the models.

Mark Fry's model of Tasmanian logging loco "Harlot" winner of steam locomotive competition

Bernard Snoodyk's On30 Brigadelok 3rd place steam locomotives

A feature was a display of the late Rick Richardsons O scale models. Rick was a pioneer narrow gauge modeller who was building On30 models in the 1950's

There was a range of layouts on display including Gn15, On42, On30, O16.5, HO and HOn30
I was quite taken with Allan Ogden's O16.5 layout Glyn Halt

John Hunters O scale diorama Shearing Time 

Another view of Shearing Time

The structure category of the contest room had some beautiful buildings on display

Roger Hill's model of Moe roundhouse in O scale

John hunters7mm model of Chelfham station on the Lynton & Barnstable

Rocky Point boat repairs in O scale by Laurie Green winner of the structure competition

Walhalla station by Grant McAdam in O scale, 3rd place

Stephen Postma's scratchbuilt On30 model of a Victorian railways NBH Second place in passenger rollingstock 

The diorama contest as usual, attracted some extremely good modelling

Arnold Engineering by Laurie Green 

John Hunters little slice of France

Richard Grinyer's large scale diorama that took out best in show and the Geoff Nott award

It was a great weekend that I really enjoyed and have come home inspired and motivated to work on the layout

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December update

A quick update to show progress on the layout.

The first thing you see as visitors walk in the door is this curve. I have been wanting to add a bridge for a long time and have finally gotten around to it. It is fully scratch built using Mt Albert scale lumber, dowel and numerous Grandt Line nut,bolt & washer castings. It is the first wooden trestle to go into the layout and I have learnt how not to build a trestle! I have another 10 bridges to build for the layout so it has been a good learning experience. I am happy with how it has ended up and the finished scene should be a good introduction to the layout.

I am now building scenery i the area around the bridge.

scenery work starting with some large trees on the ridge and shrub mats from modellers warehouse in the gully

I have purchased a couple packs of Haskell's NQR wagons. It is nice to see some ready to run Australian narrow gauge rolling stock. They are well done and while they aren't quite as finescale as the Ian Lindsey kits, the fact that all they need is some weathering is very helpful when I am time poor. I am planning to add some more to the roster soon
Haskell NQR left & centre, Ian Lindsey NQR on the right

the broad gauge yard has finally been laid. at this stage I have only one GY wagon and a vrcasts oil wagon to put together, so some kits from veteran models are on the wishlist.

sorry for the crappy iphone photo but it shows the yard. I am planning to add a goods shed to the left and an industry near the tree.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and that the New year is a good one.

Cheers Murray