Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The hills are alive

Just a quick update to show what a difference adding some vegetation can make. I spent a few enjoyable hours on Sunday adding trees to the layout. I am really happy with how this scene is coming together.

The trees are sedum flowers that have been soaked in a white glue/water mix and then given a dusting of ground foam. I then give them a light spray of green paint to add some variety to the colour. I am planning to continue the "forest" to cover the hill on the right of the photo.

I still have lots of other things to do to finish the scene, such as adding some understory beneath the trees and grassing the foreground. I am keenly waiting for a shipment of static grass to arrive. All that then will remain to do is build the stockyards and add some details.


  1. Nice work Murry, looks great.
    Also very nice to see the NGG16 getting a run

    1. Thanks Tony. I wanted to see what a train looks like with a Garratt on the front. It will be awhile before my G class can step in & take the honours