Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is my proposed layout plan. The room is 8.3 metres by 8.5 metres. The minimum radius is 1000mm. It is a layout designed for operation but with the ability to have a continuous run. I tried to achieve all of that without a duck under but couldn't do it. The duck under at Coolamine will be 1500mm high so shouldn't be an issue. I would be happy to receive any comments and constructive criticism

Shunting Gidgenbung

The local goods train arrives in Gidgenbung

The crew need to spot a goods van at the chaff mill
crossing the road to the chaff mill


Welcome to my blog about building my model railway. On this blog I hope to show you the progress as I build a model of a fictitious railway set in the Australian alps. I originally started building this layout in On30 but decided to make the change to On3. The reason for this was that I decided to pickup my favourite narrow gauge railway - the Rio Grande from Colorado and put it into Snowy mountains in southern NSW.

I have been relaying track on the sceniced portion of the old On30 layout and here is a photo of the progress

A goods train passing through Gidgenbung