Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March update

Even though I haven't been posting to the blog lately there is still plenty happening on the railway.

I have installed a Soundtrax tsunami decoder in the Garratt. I know it's not the correct sound for the model but I wanted to get it running and I wanted sound. I used a D&RGW K class decoder because I like the K class whistles. If I am going to have the wrong whistle it may as well be one I like.

I have also done some more work to the mill at Mt Bogong. I have covered the walls with galvanised iron that I bought from Model O Kits It is a great product made from styrene and comes in an A4 sheet. I have found it a great product to use and good value.

I also built myself a storage rack for my strip wood. I have a lot of different sized strip wood that I used to store in a big box. Whenever I was working on a project I seemed to spend as much time looking for a particular size as I did building anything. I decided to fix that by building a rack from plywood and PVC pipe.
It has revolutionised my modelling time. I now can see quite quickly where a particular size of wood is and how much I have left. I added a couple of handles I can take it to wherever I am working.
Which leads me to my current project. I always try to build a model to take to the Australian Narrow Gauge convention. The convention is this Easter at Bowral in the southern highlands of NSW, just south of Sydney. In my usual form I chose to build something ambitious and started later than I should have. I still have lots to do and only 8 days to do it. I had better get off this computer and back to the workbench.
Cheers Murray