Sunday, October 23, 2011

Handlaid flex track

I have always loved the look of handlaid track, but never had the time or patience to lay my own. While surfing the web I discovered Custom Trax who make handlaid flex track and points on real wood ties. I placed an order and when it finally arrived from USA I was pretty impressed.

As you can see it comes pre-ballasted with woodland scenics ballast so it is very easy to match. The base is a high density rubber. Steve Miller the owner of Custom Trax recommends gluing the track to the roadbed with caulk.

  I only have two very minor complaints. The ends of the ties are unstained but that will be easily fixed with a dab of alcohol/ink wash. My other issue is that it takes 4-5 weeks from the time your order is placed until it is shipped so you need to plan ahead.These very minor issues are a small price to pay for track that looks & performs great.

The points have added detail and are DCC ready. I am so pleased with Custom Trax that I will use it for all my visible track on the Bogong & Geehi Railway.