Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Geehi update

The Christmas break gave me an opportunity to make a decision on how I am going to proceed with the yard at Geehi. I thought long and hard about how I could improve the trackplan to give me better access and be able to reach all of the yard.
Overall view of the new narrow gauge yard at Geehi

In the end, the best outcome I decided was to start again. I don't enjoy ripping up what I have built, especially when I have so much to do on the rest of the layout. In the end the need to easily access all the track without destroying the models in the way, won out over the extra work.

The destruction took a few days and the new track has gone down very quickly. The new yard is slightly smaller than the old one but works much better. I can easily reach every track and except for one siding the broadgauge track is now behind the yard.

The narrow gauge station is now across the tracks from the much larger broad gauge station

Despite the extra work I am happy with the outcome. I now have a yard that is much easier to work and importantly one I can access.