Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vale Geoff Nott

I have just heard the sad news that one of natures true gentlemen Geoff Nott passed away today Thursday 13th of June . Geoff was not only a really nice bloke, but an extremely talented modeller. His scenery is second to none and was very inspiring.
Geoff's On3 home layout
 Geoff was part of the group of modellers that built renowned layouts like Red Stag, Muskrat Ramble and Smugglers Cove.

Muskrat Ramble

Geoff was also a brilliant modeller of the Australian bush
I think my most endearing memory of Geoff though was his willingness to share his knowledge and promote the hobby. I last saw Geoff at the Epping exhibition last year teaching kids of all ages how to make their own scenery. Geoff was a huge inspiration for me and convinced me that I should model Australian scenery. I will miss his friendship and I am grateful to have known known him.

Geoff you will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathies to Jill and the family and his many friends.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Video tour

From the lack of blog posts, it would be easy to assume that not much has been happening on the layout. In fact the opposite is true. I have been busy building bench work, forming spline road bed and laying track. Most of this has been achieved by stealing from my busy day 10 minutes here and there which gets lots done but doesn't allow for much photography.

So I have recorded a video tour of the layout to give an idea of what I have been doing and what I am trying to achieve.

Hope you enjoy it