Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An "Australianised" box car/goods van

Last month I told you about my idea of converting a San Juan Car Company kit of a Rio Grande boxcar to something that looks far more Australian. Well her is the completed product. I still have to add couplers, paint the trucks and add lettering. I am very pleased with how the model looks and I think it looks like an Aussie goods van. I have a few of these kits sitting in the cupboard so I am planning to "Australianise" them all.
I am still debating about what lettering I will use. I had been planning to use the Rio Grande's numbering system which just uses numbers.I have been doing some research that has shown that most  Australian railways ( I haven't found one that doesn't yet)  used a letter code for their different wagons. For example NSW railways had S, CW, LLV, etc. It would make sense I suppose to develop my own wagon codes for the Bogong & Geehi. That would also mean getting some new custom decals made. I also wonder if I am over thinking this and how many people would notice if I just used numbers.

Thanks to those of you that have commented. I have tried to reply but for some reason the blog won't let me. I don't like technology beating me, but it seems to be happening more often these days!