Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have spent the last couple of weekends hard at work on the layout. A visit to Walhalla during our recent family holiday was just what was needed to get motivated to get the railway running. As you can see in the photo on the right, all the framework for the town of Geehi has been completed. I like to use 25mm steel tubing to make modules. These have the advantage of very strong and relatively light.  The original modules for Gidgenbung were built over 6 years ago and have stood the test of time. On those I used mdf for a floor but have modified the design to include a part wooden frame to screw risers to.

This is the view looking the other way. Geehi will be on the right and Gidgenbung is on the left. In the distance is the Roundhouse which is next on the long list of projects to complete. 

The visit to Gavin Hince's layout also has induced some changes to the track plan. The reality that you need good access to your staging really hit home. The original plan had the staging at the same level as Mt Bogong, hidden behind a rock face. I think that is not really feasible so I have decided to put it under Mt Bogong. I still want the option of continuous run so I have added a junction between Geehi and Gidgenbung. This is a yet unnamed branch that runs straight into the staging. The change means that the duck under near the door needs to be low enough that a duck under isn't really practicable. I really didn't want a lift out section but I like the track plan I have so a lift out section it will be. It also means that Coolamine won't be the highest point of the mainline. I am going to make Sterling the high point so that I still have some nice grades for my locos to climb.

Lastly I wanted to show you the structure I have been working on. It is a 120 foot long Pin truss bridge built from a kit by John Palecki structures  www.jpstructures.com . This is a highly detailed resin cast kit that has gone together beautifully. It is a massive 750mm long and I am planning to add wooden approaches to take the total length to around 1600mm long. Hopefully it should make a spectacular crossing of the Merri Meric River just out of Geehi.

Cheers, Murray

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  1. Progress is looking great there. The bridge looks impressive.