Thursday, January 14, 2016


For some time I have been looking for an easy option to uncouple the Kadee couplers I use. I am not a fan of the under track magnetic uncouplers as I want the operation to be a little bit laid back like the prototype narrow gauge was. I have tried using a variety of things like skewers and brass rod but have always had mixed results.

I visited my friend Gavin Hine last winter and his On3 Colorado & Southern Clear Creek layout. I took a train for a run and when it came time to uncouple Gavin handed me one of these...
I believe he got the idea from Brian Harriman and they work a treat. They are dental brushes that have a thin wire and small bristles and they separate a pair of Kadee No5's very easily. Gavin has made his with solid handles and a small led torch to make it easier to see. I am only using the little handle that comes with the brush but I am planning to do something similar. Thanks Gavin & Brian for a great idea!


  1. Hi Murray,
    At least using these plaque shouldn't be a problem anywhere near the jaws.