Sunday, December 18, 2016

December update

A quick update to show progress on the layout.

The first thing you see as visitors walk in the door is this curve. I have been wanting to add a bridge for a long time and have finally gotten around to it. It is fully scratch built using Mt Albert scale lumber, dowel and numerous Grandt Line nut,bolt & washer castings. It is the first wooden trestle to go into the layout and I have learnt how not to build a trestle! I have another 10 bridges to build for the layout so it has been a good learning experience. I am happy with how it has ended up and the finished scene should be a good introduction to the layout.

I am now building scenery i the area around the bridge.

scenery work starting with some large trees on the ridge and shrub mats from modellers warehouse in the gully

I have purchased a couple packs of Haskell's NQR wagons. It is nice to see some ready to run Australian narrow gauge rolling stock. They are well done and while they aren't quite as finescale as the Ian Lindsey kits, the fact that all they need is some weathering is very helpful when I am time poor. I am planning to add some more to the roster soon
Haskell NQR left & centre, Ian Lindsey NQR on the right

the broad gauge yard has finally been laid. at this stage I have only one GY wagon and a vrcasts oil wagon to put together, so some kits from veteran models are on the wishlist.

sorry for the crappy iphone photo but it shows the yard. I am planning to add a goods shed to the left and an industry near the tree.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and that the New year is a good one.

Cheers Murray


  1. Seasons felicitations !!
    I really like the topography of that corner Murray. Is quite understated but will allow a great deal of attention to the style that you wish to employ. Speaking of which what is the construct of the greenery ( so far ) A mat ? and the shrubberies ? Cheers

  2. Great to hear from you Richard.
    The greenery is a shrub mat made by Martin Welberg and sold by the modellers warehouse in Brisbane.
    It is not cheap but looks great. I plan to cut it into pieces and fill between with static grass. If all goes to plan I will write it up on the blog and facebook

  3. Nice to see another update Murray, like the bridge

    1. Thanks Bob, great to see your layout coming along nicely