Sunday, April 23, 2017

Narrow Gauge convention part two

Every narrow gauge convention I go to, I try and build something for the contest room. I have a couple of reasons for doing this.The first reason being that their is nothing like a deadline to get a project finished. I often find that when I am building a model and I hit an issue, progress can stall.If I have a deadline the model will get finished and I have built quite a few of the major structures on the layout to take to conventions.

The second reason why I like contests is that it encourages me to strive to build a higher quality model and improve both my skills and my standards of modelling. For me the competition is against myself. Can I build a nicer, neater, more detailed and more realistic model than last time. Competitions are also good to compare at what level my modelling is at, something that can be difficult when I am mostly a "lone wolf" modeller.

This year I wanted to build a farm house to finish my model farm and the long valley scene. I had many options on what the house could be, but I decided I wanted to build an Edwardian weatherboard house that was similar to the original house on the farm that we live on. I took inspiration from a number of other farmhouses. The colour scheme came from the house I grew up in.  The laundry and dairy on the back was inspired by my grandparents house. The  wisteria came from my own house

The building is fully scratchbuilt, with board on board construction. I used Mt Albert 12"x 1" S scale wood for the weatherboards which works out at 9"x 3/4" in O scale. Doors and windows came from Grandt Line and I fitted them with real glass. The corrugated iron is from Model O kits and it is all weathered with oil washes from AK interactive.

I added a detail interior in the kitchen, lounge room and the main bedroom. Furniture is mostly laser cut kits from Outback modelsSDK miniatures and Karen Cary miniatures who all provide terrific service. Lighting is from some warm white LED's.

When I entered my model in the structures competition I was not expecting a prize. The quality of the modelling was excellent so I was both honored and surprised to receive second place. I am yet to install the house on the layout as it is currently on display in our living room.

Part of what makes conventions great, are the clinics. This year I gave a clinic on static grass.
Myself in full flight! Photo by Dan Pickard

I hope those who attended enjoyed the clinic as I enjoyed being able to give a little bit back to our great hobby.


  1. Murray,
    congratulations on your great model. Also impressed with the garden and the individual bricks around it.
    Next convention, being a farmer you can tell how to convert static grass into hay.

    1. Thanks Bob. Not sure I can make a working O scale mower and baler...could maybe make a hay rake ;-)

  2. Very nice Murray!
    I don't know what got first prize but it should have been the house.

    Ray P

    1. A very nice model of boat repair shed built by Laurie Green was the very deserving winner. The contest room is always very good at the narrow gauge convention

  3. Beautiful work...downpipes 🙂